·      The Challenges of European Union: Financial Crisis and  Socio-Economic


·      Urban and Regional Development the in European Union and planning

Policies for Sustainable Growth

·      Macro-Economic Policies and Regional Development

·      Micro-Policies and Sustainable Growth

·      European Cooperatives and Socio-Economic Growth

·      Social Economy Innovations and Sustainable Communities

·      Inclusive Recovery and Local City Employment Governance 

·      Public Administration and Sustainable Development

·      Local Government Role and Responses to Sustainable Development

·      Cellular Globalization in between Local and Global social dimensions

·      Empowerment of Citizens/Workers/Minorities/Youth

·      Innovative Community, Social Development and Education

·      Territorial Innovation in the European Union and Planning Policies

·      New Forms of Territorial Governance in Europe

·      Migration, new forms of inequality and social exclusion in Europe

·      Social Policies and Social cohesion in Europe

·      Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development

·      Cultural Management, Local Heritage and Local Development

·      Tourism Development, Policy and Planning

·      Case Studies and Applied Research on Types and Forms of Sustainable Growth